The Key Financial Aid You Need to Start a Business

For a new business to succeed, it needs a good foundation. Part of that foundation is financial.

While customers for your new venture may be in short supply at first, bills and expenses are not. One of the biggest challenges faced by any new business is how to pay for rent, supplies, equipment, inventory, and even basic furniture. Employees will need to be paid, along with utilities, insurance, and many other expenses.

A Startup Business Loan is designed to help your business get its footing by supplying the working capital you need to operate as your business grows.

At Penn Regional Investments, we provide startup loans for new businesses looking to establish themselves in our local communities. We work with under-served populations in areas of economic distress in Westmoreland County and throughout Southwestern, PA.  Our mission is to develop opportunities for all members of society, including women and racial/ethnic minorities.

Here are the basics:

  • Serving clients in Westmoreland County and throughout Southwestern, PA
  • Financing for new and existing businesses
  • Working capital for inventory, equipment, and real estate,
  • Terms and conditions include:
    • Loan amounts typically range from $500 to $10,000.
    • Flexibility with credit history.
    • The loan is based on collateral.
    • Low interest rates and favorable terms
  • We partner with private and public sources of capital, including organizations like LaunchBox Digital.
  • Start the application process with the online Loan Program Inquiry Form.
  • Contact a loan officer for more information at 878-214-8008.or view the frequently asked questions.

Supporting Small Business and Community Revitalization

Successful loans to start new community businesses have far reaching benefits. Creating jobs is just the start. The growth of small business strengthens the economic base of a community, enhances the quality of life, and builds community pride.

Often, one success story leads to another, encouraging new businesses to join the success story of a growing community. Community growth enhances the quality of life for everyone. It’s a domino effect that builds up rather than tearing down.

Would you like to learn more about applying for a small business loan with Penn Regional Investments? Call us at 878-214-8008 or visit our Loan Program Inquiry page to learn more.